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/Who Am I

Hey! I’m Jacqui Broberg. Mother, partner in marriage, owner of seeams and fig nine. I have a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA and a certification in Professional Sewing. I am self-taught in embroidery and fabric dye work. I love to create, to make, to mix and match, to play, and to learn. It means so much to me to be chosen as a person of skill to work on your garments and to be able to put all my love and pride into each project.


Thank you for making me a part of your closet and for becoming a part of seeams!


/What I do

There is no project too big or too small for seeams! I’ll fix the hole in your favorite shirt or just make you a whole new one! Below is the breakdown of what we offer:


Minor fixes to garments that just don’t quite fit right. There’s no body quite like your body, and no brand is like the other. Although these ideals are the same, it can lead to trouble when trying to find the perfect fit, and that’s where I come in! This consists mostly of hemming, minor seam adjustments, zipper fixes, quick fixes, etc.


For when you’ve got something that is too big or too small all around, but you just can’t live without it. I’ll figure out the right way to make it a perfect fit for you! The work here is likely to consist of more in depth seam adjustments, dart manipulation, and closure work. If you aren’t sure feel free to ask any questions.


A piece of clothing made entirely and uniquely for you. You can choose your own pattern and fabric and together we will make something that you’ve always dreamed of. Specialty embroidery work or dye work on a garment you already own also falls into this category. Contact me to inquire further about this process!

Don’t see exactly the type of work you are looking to be done here? Just reach out!

Specialties & Craft

Hand Embroidery

Dye Work

Custom Fitting

Pattern Drafting


/How much is this?



  • $30+ Size Adjustments
  • Start



  • $20+ Size Adjustments
  • Start



  • $40*+ Size Adjustments
  • Start

Size adjustment can mean anything from taking in or letting out, to adjusting the fit of the garment to accommodate the wearer’s body type. (ie: an adjustment to the shoulder seams or straps to better fit a person with broad shoulders)

*Lining may increase prices

Custom Project

$25starting price


/Starting at

Every bride is different, but they all want the same thing: a dream dress that fits perfectly. I whole-heartedly understand this feeling and will take the greatest care when working with your gown. Here are some things to know about having your gown altered with seeams:

You may have up to 4 fittings to make sure we achieve the perfect fit

You must have the bra and shoes (or shoes of the same height) that you’ll be wearing with your dress. No bra? No problem. We can sew in cups for you or you can go free as a bird.

Ideally, your first fitting will be at least 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Crunched for time? Let’s try to work something out!


$25& up


$35& up

Take In

$75& up


$50& up




Amazing! Jacqueline was able to produce the finished project ahead of schedule; awesome attention to detail.
S. Raino-Tsui, LQVGallery
Jacqueline worked miracles on my bridesmaid emergency and was as quick as a wink about it.
C. Ghilotti, Customer


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